Take Action Thursday: Paris Agreement

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Engaging with the news can lead to changing how the world operates. Politicians and businesses respond to pressure and praise. Tell them you want them to take action for what you believe in.

Today is “Take Action Thursday” at The Decoder and we are tackling climate change. This afternoon, President Trump made the decision to exit the Paris Agreement. Yesterday we asked whether it was better to lead in accord with the rest of the world or go it alone. We asked what the benefit of leaving was. Then we asked what we can do about it.

Today we encourage you to make it known whether you support or oppose that action. We want to contact local representatives and businesses and let them know what we think. We set this up so that you can make your voice heard and run through this in about 5 minutes.


1.) Determine whether you support remaining in the Paris Agreement or exiting. Read yesterday’s article to see how we framed it. Or, if you are already decided on the issue, jump to step two.


2.) Briefly articulate your reasoning.

Here’s an example of text that you can adjust as you see fit. You can use it as a script when you call your representative/business. Or add a header when emailing your representative/favorite big business.


My name is __(Name)__ from ___(Location)____. I [support/oppose] President Trump’s decision to exit the Paris Agreement.

I [support/oppose] this action because _____(Reason)_______.

I am contacting you because I want to know what you are going to do to show you take this issue seriously.


Got that? However you reach out, cover these main points:

– State who you are

– Be clear about whether you support or oppose an action

– Give a brief reason for your stance.

– Ask what they will do about it

The most important thing is to be clear about whether you support or oppose it because that is easiest for congressional staff and businesses to tally.


3.)  Contact your representatives and/or businesses. Here is a link to navigate to your representative’s phone number. These links are always available under the “Engage” tab.

For calling businesses, Google the following: [Company name] “Customer service phone number” or “corporate headquarters phone number”.

For Climate Change, I recommend contacting one of hundreds of businesses that have signed onto “Business Backs Low Carbon USA.” Let them know that this issue is still important to you and that you expect them to lead on this issue.

For contacting politicians: Calling local offices within your state is generally more responsive than DC office phone numbers. Here is that information for Senators. I recommend saving the phone numbers after looking them up once.


That is all! That is five minutes of your day that you spent changing how the world operates. Let us know how it went for you, how it felt, which businesses were more responsive, or anything else.

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