Weekend Wrap Up 6/9/17: News From Across the Spectrum

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(Mandel Ngan, Mark Wilson/Getty, AFP)

We head into the weekend with the White House and GOP leaders defending President Trump after yesterday’s James Comey testimony. We also had British elections yesterday which resulted in a stunning rejection of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party. May will try to patch together a coalition to retain her role as Prime Minister. The quick takeaway is that the appetite for Britain’s isolationist Brexit-politics has soured.


Here’s how major media outlets are sending us into the weekend:

Starting with CNN going on the offensive to find more answers to yesterday’s hearing. Then look at Fox’s defense focusing on the Department of Justice’s response (defense? clarification?) to  yesterday’s hearings.


CNN: Are there tapes? The questions Trump needs to answer

The lede:

President Donald Trump hasn’t taken questions from the White House press corps since May 18. That’s 22 days ago. That will change later today when he holds a joint press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohanni.

Typically in these sorts of joint pressers, the American media gets two questions and the foreign press gets two questions. But I’ve got a lot more than just two questions that Trump really needs to answer.

Below are the 9 questions Trump could — and should — be asked this afternoon.


Fox News: SESSIONS, COMEY CLASH: Attorney General fires back after ex-FBI boss hints at hidden Russia conflict

The lede:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is firing back at former FBI Director James Comey, after he suggested in Thursday’s hearing that there might be more than meets the eye to the AG’s recusal from the Russia probe.

Sessions recused himself from “any existing or future investigations” regarding the 2016 presidential race in early March, after facing bipartisan pressure to step aside from the probe due to his involvement with the Trump campaign.

But in his long-awaited testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, Comey told lawmakers he believed it was “inevitable” that Sessions would recuse himself from Russia probe.


And the other major news…

BBC: May to form government with DUP backing

The lede:

Theresa May has said she will put together a government with the support of the Democratic Unionists to guide the UK through crucial Brexit talks.

Speaking after visiting Buckingham Palace, she said only her party had the “legitimacy” to govern, despite falling eight seats short of a majority.

Later, she said she “obviously wanted a different result” and was “sorry” for colleagues who lost their seats.


Other major headlines:

The New York Times: Election Called to Bolster U.K. Conservatives Weakens Them

The Washington Post: May vows to ‘lead Britain forward’ despite election blow

The Wall Street Journal: Trump Begins Comey Testimony Counterattack

NBC News: ‘A Total Disaster’: How British PM Threw Away an Election

MSNBC: Senators may soon meet with Jared Kushner, sources say


Drudge Report: DISMAY

Yahoo: Pelosi’s advice to Trump: Go to sleep


Top Trending News:

Google News: There’s no indication Comey violated the law, Trump may be about to. (from Washington Post)




One overriding narrative of the Comey hearings this week is that there is a lot of smoke and Comey’s testimony created a trail of breadcrumbs that could lead to obstruction of justice regardless of the the special counsel finds. The other chief narrative, pressed by Fox and the GOP, is that this is all a witch hunt and we still have not seen any smoking gun.

We asked what consequences could emerge from this degree of division in narrative with the stakes this high.

The key question through all of this is how can we bring such opposing views together?

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