Weekly Wrap 7/28/17: Senate Rollercoaster Takes Democracy for a Ride

This week we had four major stories competing for airtime. The one with the largest impact on the most number of lives – health care – competed for attention with coverage of Anthony Scaramucci, with Donald Trump’s surprise transgender ban, and Trump’s attacks on his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Check out our post on the skinny repeal fallout from earlier today.

The New York Times and The Washington Post are closing out the week with continued health care coverage. They are covering from the perspective of political implications, particularly for the GOP. Again, here is the link for more in-depth look at this approach’s flaws.

New York Times: “Senate Rejects Partial Health Law Repeal, 51-49, Derailing 7-Year Effort by G.O.P.

Washington Post: “Health-care defeat threatens to further divide GOP


CNN has already moved past the health care scare and is ending the week with Trump’s address to Long Island police. Their secondary story, “White House week of chaos ends in open warfare” is actually about the Scaramucci – Reince Priebus conflict instead of the ban on transgender service members or the near-collapse of the health insurance industry.

CNN: “Trump: ‘We’re going to destroy’ MS-13’

Lede: President Donald Trump delivered a fiery law-and-order speech in Long Island on Friday, calling gang members “animals” and praising law enforcement for being “rough.”


Fox News has paid little attention to health care all week. That continues as Fox chooses to cover the reported launch of an ICBM out of North Korea this afternoon. This is a breaking story which other organizations are beginning to pick up. Health care, transgender bans, and Scaramucci all receive little to no coverage. Stories like “GOLF CART HORROR ‘Wedding crashers’ bride dies in Villages tragedy” are the preferred focus.

Fox News: “AXIS OF EVIL: Free world rattled again as North Korea, Iran launch missiles over 24-hour period

Lede: The two remaining members of the “Axis of Evil” launched rockets on back-to-back days, with Iran and North Korea blatantly flouting international resolve as each took significant steps toward developing their own nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles.



Here’s a look at how the rest of the media is ending the week:

NBC News: “Moderate Senators Seek Bipartisan Path Forward on Health Care

CBS News: “House Republicans dumbfounded by failure to repeal Obamacare

ABC News: “Inside the feud between Reince Priebus and Anthony Scaramucci

Wall Street Journal: “Insurers Relieved but Wary, as ACA Repeal Fails

MSNBC: “Pentagon: North Korea launches ballistic missile


Drudge Report: “ROCKET POP” (via Washington Post)

BBC: “N Korea in fresh long-range missile test

Yahoo: “Border agents face scrutiny in Mexican teen’s death

Top story on Google News: “Five takeways from Obamacare repeal’s collapse” (via The Hill)

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