Weekly Wrap 8/11/17: Locked and Loaded But Sleep Well Too

North Korea Kim Chul-Soo EPA

(Kim Chul-Soo/EPA)

This week has been consumed by North Korea news. We had a window earlier in the week to cover the vast opioid crisis in the United States. We also had a half day of coverage on a climate report produced by 13 federal agencies that illuminated some of the harm occurring right now.

But then the back-and-forth began between Donald Trump and North Korea. Every threat has been followed by another threat from the other side. The prospect of nuclear annihilation prompted us to first cover the lack of support for “fire and fury.” The next day we compared how New York Times readers would have a much fuller view of the crisis compared to Fox News, which had promoted another Benghazi story to their headlines.

North Korea remains the prime story this afternoon. Trump added a new alliterative threat today saying the U.S. was “locked and loaded” when it came to North Korea.

There are a variety of angles to cover, but most focus on either:

A) Trump’s threats

B) Military preparedness

or C) Guam

Often there’s a combination of the three.


Most common are stories focusing on Trump, of course. We’ll use The Washington Post, but below you’ll see how frequently it comes up.

The Washington Post: “Trump sends new warning to North Korea: U.S. military is ‘locked and loaded’

The lede:

BEDMINSTER, N.J. — President Trump on Friday made fresh threats of force against North Korea, writing on Twitter that the U.S. military is “locked and loaded” and later telling reporters that the isolated country would “truly regret it” if it attacks Guam or another American territory.

“This man will not get away with what he’s doing, believe me,” Trump said of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, whose nation, in open defiance of the United Nations, has been developing nuclear weapons capable of reaching the United States. “I hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity of what I said, and what I said is what I mean.”

N Korea missiles CNN


A look at military preparedness presented in USA Today.

USA Today: “’Locked and loaded’: How Trump could wage war with North Korea

The lede:

President Trump tweeted Friday that U.S. military plans are “locked and loaded” and ready to go “should North Korea act unwisely.” In fact, the Pentagon has had detailed plans in place for another conflict since the first Korean War ended in 1953.

“The military has planned for the worst case for decades,” said David Maxwell, the associate director of Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies and a retired Army colonel who served five tours in South Korea.

While the Pentagon never reveals its plans and the many updates it has made over the past 64 years, analysts say there are several broad options:…


Andersen Air Force Base CBS News

Andersen Air Force Base (CBS News)

And for a look at Guam, we will look at CBS News:

CBS News: “’Lethal force’: An up-close look at U.S. Air Force base in Guam

The lede:

Guam is a U.S. territory that’s apparently within range of Kim Jong Un‘s most sophisticated missiles. It is also home to the Andersen Air Force Base where B-1 bombers flew from to the Korean Peninsula in a show of force after North Korea’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch in late July. The small pacific island has about 6,000 troops and an overall population of more than 160,000 people. It is considered one of the most strategically-important U.S. locations in the region.

CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers traveled to U.S. Pacific Command bases for “CBSN: On Assignment” to learn how the U.S. would counter a potential clash with North Korea. During his visit, he spoke with B-1 pilots at the base where the largest stockpile of fuel and munitions in the Air Force is kept. CBS News is the only network to gain access to Andersen Air Force Base.


And now for the rest of bunch:

The New York Times: “Trump Warns North Korea: U.S. is ‘Locked and Loaded’”

Fox News: “‘BEAT TO A JELLY’: N. Korea answers US warning with bizarre taunt

CNN: “Trump: ‘He will regret it fast’

The Wall Street Journal: “World Leaders Express Alarm Over U.S.- North Korea Rhetoric

NBC News: “Trump Warns North Korea Leader He Won’t Get Away With It

ABC News: “How Guam and other areas are preparing amid escalating N. Korea nuclear tensions

BBC: “Trump to N Korea: US ‘locked and loaded’

Drudge Report: “‘LOCKED AND LOADED’” (Link to New York Times story)


And non-North Korea headlines are hard to come by. But they focus on Russia:


Yahoo News: “Probe focuses on Trump’s longtime secretary

And trending on Google News:

How the world is reacting to war of words between Trump and North Korea” from The Washington Post

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