Weekly Wrap 8/25/17: Hurricane Harvey Hits Texas

Harvey NOAA


Media outlets are universally covering Hurricane Harvey, which is predicted to cause major damage across the east Texas coast and expected to make landfall early Saturday. The hurricane has gained strength through Friday, thus becoming a literal developing story.

Since the storm is developing, agencies are preparing at the federal and state level, and media outlets are covering the broad response, most stories are going with the blog update format. For an example, here’s a look at CNN’s lede:

CNN: “A monster on the coast


What you should know now

  • The strength: Harvey is now a Category 3 with sustained winds of 120 mph, making it a “major” hurricane.
  • The timing: Harvey will make landfall late Friday or early Saturday.
  • The path: The storm is expected to hit middle Texas coast. After that, Harvey will likely stall over the state, which could lead to catastrophic flooding.
Harvey via CNN

(via CNN)

And a round-up of the other media outlets:

The New York Times: “Hurricane Harvey Gains Strength as It Nears Texas

The Washington Post: “Hurricane Harvey reaches Category 3; Texas governor urges evacuations

Fox News: “’CATASTROPHIC’ HARVEY ‘Life-threatening’ storm churns toward Texas, those in path warned to flee

NBC News: “Hurricane Harvey Poses Big Test for Trump

ABC News: “Hurricane Harvey upgraded to Category 3 storm ahead of landfall

CBS News: “Eye On The Storm

The Wall Street Journal: “Hurricane Harvey Bears Down on Texas


Here’s the lede on this non-Harvey headline:

WASHINGTON ― Undocumented young people and immigrant rights advocates prepared for battle on Friday amid rumors that President Donald Trump will finally fulfill a campaign promise to strip legal work permits from hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants and put them back at risk of deportation.

Drudge Report: “HARVEY SLAMS TEXAS” (via Accuweather)

BBC: “Hurricane Harvey ‘will be major disaster’

And the top Google News story trending this week is…: “The natural disaster test: Trump braces for Hurricane Harvey” (via CNN)

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