Hurricane Harvey Relief Opportunities

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(Associated Press)

Millions of people have had their lives upended in the last week and they need help. Texas is still enduring the effects of Hurricane Harvey, but avenues to help have been established. There are many organizations receiving aid right now, but we’ve put together a guide to giving to some of the more reputable organizations. There are also volunteer opportunities below.

Here are some legitimate organizations coordinating resources. Thanks to those who have shared ways to help and Texas newspapers like the Texas Tribune and Houston Chronicle. Those two papers provide much longer lists of ways to help. Below is a smaller selection for those who are geographically removed from the hurricane area.

If you are within the disaster area or have been affected by the hurricane, the Texas Tribune has compiled a lengthy resource guide. This list covers everything from where to find a shelter, which streets are flooded, how to receive assistance, etc.

Charity Navigator has tips on ensuring you give to a well run charity.


Monetary Donations:

  • Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has set up a page to give money that will be distributed to relief organizations. You can give directly by visiting here.
  • You can go straight to to donate. You can also text “HARVEY” to 90999 quickly give $10 to the Red Cross.
  • United Way has set up a relief fund. You can select which county you would like to donate to, or choose “Wherever will do the most good.” At this time, only monetary donations are being accepted through United Way.
  • The Salvation Army has also set up a donation page for disaster relief.
  • GoFundMe has organized campaigns related to Hurricane Harvey. You can browse the campaigns here.


Food Bank:

  • The Houston Press has put together a list of food banks for those looking to give non-perishable food items. The list is localized, so you can find the contact number and website through here.





  • Also, The Human Society released a video highlighting pets in need of rescue. According to their fundraising page, they are on the ground. The request for funds can be found here.


Thank you to all who have helped.



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