Take Action on Net Neutrality Now

Reuters Jonathan Alcorn Net Neutrality

(Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters)

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has moved toward ending net neutrality, a move to further roll back Obama era regulations. The FCC commissioners will vote on ending net neutrality on December 15th. You can act by calling your Senators and Representatives now.

Ajit_V._Pai_headshot wikipedia

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai – big fan of telecom companies. Not a big fan of customers. (via Wikipedia)

Not sure what net neutrality is? Net neutrality is a method of ensuring that all internet consumers receive equal access. This includes customers and companies.

Ending net neutrality allows telecom companies to control which websites or which customers receive better service. Telecom companies stand to benefit because they can charge tiered rates to both customers and websites.

Read more about it at the New York Times or CNN or Fox News.


How to take action?

There are many sites set up to help you all your Congressperson.

You can check out our guide on calling Congress here.

Or you can go to BattlefortheNet.com. This website has a call app as well as tons of information on net neutrality.

There are also protests coming together at Verizon stores. The date is set for December 7th.

Motherboard has put out a call for help in their quest to explain how the hardware and software works, creating a guide to new technologies, and developing community owned internet service providers. For more info and how you can help, visit here.

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