Flash Action: Call Senators to Sway Tax Bill

Twitter TaxMarch

Protesters outside the Capitol this morning (via TaxMarch Twitter)

The Senate is planning to vote on its tax bill today. Your action can sway this bill one way or the other. This is not just a tax bill – it will reshape society due to its provisions on healthcare, education, abortion, religious freedom, etc. Yes – all of those areas are packed into this.

Here is the status over the last 24 hours:

The Senate began debate on the bill.

The Senate unveiled the text of the bill.

The Senate received a score from the Joint Committee on Taxation stating the bill add over $1 trillion to the debt. This undermined the Republican talking point that the bill would result in so much economic growth, that it would pay for itself.

The Senate hoped to vote last night, but Republican leadership could not corral the 50 votes necessary.


As of this morning, there are three holdouts. Whether you support or oppose the bill, these three individuals have enormous sway.

Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, and Senator Susan Collins of Maine.



Take action by calling your Senators and calling these Senators.

To be connected to your Senator, call: (202) 224-3121

Bob Corker: 202-224-3344

Jeff Flake: 202-224-4521

Susan Collins: 202-224-2523


This should take less than five minutes. Thank you for engaging.

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