Tax Protests Spread Following GOP Senate Vote

Tax Scam Austin bovagus

Protests in the rain – Austin TX (Twitter bova_gus)

The Republican tax bill moves forward. Protests continue to be organized as the details of the bill receive greater press coverage. The media has thoroughly covered what politicians have to say about the tax plan, but have largely ignored the voices of the people standing to suffer the greatest consequences.

The Republican tax bill is not limited to taxes. The bill changes many areas of life. This includes the repeal of the health care mandate, environmental changes, redefining when life begins, political activism in churches, immigration, etc.

Here is what Senator Bernie Sanders has to say about Republican tax reform:


Here is what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has to say


See below what the protesters are saying and how you can get involved in the debate.

Here are just a few of the protests taking place across the country:


Washington, DC: Graduate students rally against new taxes

Protesters say: “It would be devastating to graduate education, undermining severely our pipeline of bright new graduate students who are going to contribute to our economy in a whole range of fields, but especially in the field of STEM,” said Steven M. Bloom, director of government relations for American Council on Education.

“If you were to design a set of public policy ideas meant to undermine access to higher education,” he added, “you would do what the House decided to do.”


And Washington, DC again: Women’s March founders storm the Capitol


Roseville, California: Protesters rally

Check the link for a video clip by the SacBee.


San Diego, California: Protests over DACA and tax bill combine

Protesters say: “When DACA passed, I was able to come out of the shadows. I was able to go to school. I went to UCLA and graduated top of my class. I was able to volunteer at hospitals,” [Protester Ali said.] “They treated me like a criminal before.”


Danbury, Connecticut: Realtors speak out on hurtful tax

CT real estate tax Samuel Rodrigues

(Samuel Rodrigues)

Protesters say: “Because we are at such a critical point, any time there’s any kind of negative, it affects the velocity of the recovery,” [VP of Connecticut Realtors Scott Cooney said.] “It’s kind of a double-edged sword. It slows people down who are thinking of moving to the area and making that investment in a home.”


Pocatello, Idaho: Protesters gather in 25 degree weather

Protesters say: “I’m hoping that even though it seems the politicians just seem to be gliding through whatever they want, I’m hoping that if regular people get out with their signs, that they will realize they aren’t fully supported.” [Resident Cooki Ditto].


Chicago, Illinois: Anti-Tax Bill March in Chicago

Protesters say: “I’m sick. I’m emotionally ill from everything that’s happening with the government and I can’t sit back anymore,” said [Protester MJ Mohr] “We have to do more. We can’t just sit back. We can’t stay asleep.”


Bangor, Maine: Sit-in at Senator Susan Collins office

Protesters say: “We are staying until we talk to Senator Collins by phone or in person unless we are arrested,” protester Jim Betts said.


Bel Air, Maryland: Protesters hold mock town hall

Protesters say: “I want to curry the favor of the idle rich who did nothing to earn this benefit and think the government should take care of them,” [Protester Brad Rosen, speaking as GOP Representative Andy Harris, said in response to a question about the estate tax repeal.]


Asheville, North Carolina: Tax demonstration in downtown Asheville

Protesters say: “If this tax bill goes through, what is going to happen is there’s going be a lot of rich people that are going to get a lot of productivity, there’s going be growth, that is going happen, but that growth is going to be at the expenditure of the poor people that are doing the work,”


Evesham, New Jersey: Protests outside Congressman’s office

Protesters say: “Even the millionaires and billionaires don’t all agree. Decent rich people don’t want this tax bill,” – [Protester Andy Bromberg]


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Protesters chain themselves to Senator’s office

Protesters say: “[The bill was] rammed through Congress irresponsibly and hastily by Toomey and his fellow Republicans.” [Protester Chelsey Engel].


Christiansburg, Virginia: Protesters line the street outside Congressman’s office

Protesters+at Christianburg VA Eamon O'Meara

(Eamon O’Meara)

Protesters say: “It gives a lot of people a tax cut for a little while, but then it goes away, but the tax cuts for the rich and for corporations, those stay in place. So ordinary people are going to pay a price if this bill gets passed.” – [Protester Dale Wimberly]


Pullman, Washington: College students gather to protest

Pullman WA Zach Rubio Daily Evergreen

(Zach Rubio/Daily Evergreen)

Protesters say: “Increasing taxes disincentives some of the brightest minds,” [Student Jacob Woodbury said regarding the new tax on those pursuing higher education.]


Spokane, Washington: Protesters sing anti-tax Christmas carols

Protesters say: “I saw some groups in Denver and Ohio had similar events and it looked like a fun way to respond to the GOP tax plan,” said event organizer Stephanie Jamison. “A lot of people are very concerned that this will lead to cuts to social security and Medicare and Medicaid. People power stopped the ACA repeal efforts that would have taken health care away from millions and it can stop this too.”


What can you do?

Some of these options continue from our coverage on Monday, here they are:

Call: 5 Calls has a script suited to the tax bill. You can call on taxes and the app will allow you to move on and call on other rising issues such as net neutrality.

Indivisible also has a call line up that will connect you to your House Representative. The number for that is 1-855-980-2350.


Attend an event: Not One Penny has events organized across the country. You can enter your zip code and see what’s going on near you. It appears that Not One Penny is gearing up for another effort following Saturday’s vote, so keep checking this as events are added.


Visit a Congressional office: MoveOn is organizing events at Congressional offices. Enter your address information and MoveOn will help provide you with materials and preparation for the visit.


Tweet at your local reporter: Take photos and tag your local beat reporter/favorite Twitter host.

CNN host Jake Tapper didn’t see a groundswell prior to the Senate vote this past weekend. This isn’t because it was not happening. Let them know.


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