Happy New Year

Womens March-COLLAGE


Happy to New Year to all! We hope you have the opportunity to spend time with family and loved ones.

2017 was a challenging year with many setbacks. But the ripples of transformative change were set in motion. Millions of people were moved to take new levels of action. Every effort – whether a success or failure – is a step forward.

Do not be overwhelmed when setbacks occur. Do not feel alone or cynical. 2017 shone a light on the unity that persists across all barriers and backgrounds.

We do not need to take on all of the issues all of the time. Each of us just need to take on some of the issues some of the time.

The Decoder has a plan in 2018 to help those working toward something greater than themselves. We are ready to implement more methods to take action. We are also preparing plans to help readers who are simply looking to cut through media punditry and examine the core of key issues. We will be returning to a regular schedule in mid-January.

Thank you to those resisting divisiveness. Thank you to all who made phone calls, attended rallies, wrote letters, and engaged in greater civic participation. These small actions can shift elections as we saw in Virginia and Alabama. But they can also extend beyond politics by reshaping values and redirecting energies.

Go forward in 2018 with compassion, with strength and with love.



Nathan Harold


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