The Decoder

Analyze  •  Empathize  •  Act

The media landscape has evolved to allow people to receive their news from more sources. This fragmentation has lent itself to a provincialism in how people inform themselves. Founded in 2016, The Decoder counters this by providing a comparative analysis of news from sources along the ideological spectrum.

The Decoder was created to bridge the divide by encouraging critical thinking and empathy along with the resources to take action. News events are summarized and the differences between liberal and conservative leaning news sources are highlighted. This cultivates empathy as our readers can understand how information is being relayed differently to other viewpoints. The Decoder provides questions for the reader to consider as a means of arriving at their own opinions of news events. This promotes critical thinking as readers are encouraged to apply rational approaches to news events. The Decoder also provides avenues to act. News has been passively consumed in the past, but today it should play a role in spurring greater civic participation.

We believe the combination can elevate the dialogue and the solutions to today’s problems.

Nathan Harold


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