How To Make A Difference Guide

Muhammad Ali Bettmann Corbis

All people from all eras can make a difference. (Bettman/Corbis)


The Decoder encourages action to shape society on a regular basis. The “How to Make a Difference Guide” is designed to help point a pathway to how you can turn opinions into results.

The guides below are presented in a non-partisan, non-issue specific format. Both conservatives and progressives have used the methods detailed in the guide. A few years ago, the Tea Party stalled the President’s agenda. Today, the Resistance movement is doing the same. But both drew on the same fundamental tactics. Use them to shape your vision.

At The Decoder, we want you to think for yourself but engage with others. Identifying bias and forming opinions are the first steps to enacting the change you want. We hope forming opinions will allow you to act with greater purpose in your day-to-day life.

Check back as more resources are added.

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How To Call Congress